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Hagrid, more like best person in the entire fucking universe.


DC won’t put out a female solo film and meanwhile Marvel won’t put out a female solo film


Take any movie premise about a white man and make it about a grandma and it becomes twice as interesting

why do people like dc? i mean, they treat their female characters like shit, oversexualize them to the max, and don't even include them in movies. peggy carter is getting a tv show, i don't see anything with a lead female in the horizon with dc... marvel even publishes more female led titles than dc. smh. dc needs to just stop,


I fucking know right? Gosh, I’m so happy Marvel has never fridged women for manpain (Sharon who?), never hired artists that draw cheesecake or oversexualized covers (Oh, Greg Land is still there?), never had writers that mischaracterize women and/or use terrible tropes or problematic storylines (the handling of Wanda Maximoff, white women taking over the bodies of WOC).

I’m so pissed that they don’t include their women in movies!! Carol Ferris and Lois Lane are some of my faves; it’s a shame they’re always left out. And Catwoman is an important character in the Batman mythos; can’t believe they didn’t include her either. Plus why are many of the other women like supporting characters and not leads?? Please learn from Marvel Studios on this. Damn, why hasn’t there been multiple Wonder Woman movies out by now like Black Widow and Captain Marvel?? Fucking hell. I demand a trilogy.

I’m also really upset hat DC doesn’t have a show with a lady lead coming up. And it’s outrageous that they even reached a point where they had zero titles with women, with all their cancellations and stuff. The fuck? That’s why it’s so shitty they have half of their female-led titles with issue numbers well into their 30s. What kind of shit consistency is that?

I have no clue why DC even has fans that stick to their lady faves. Honestly, they’ve never had anything that good.

Alex Kingston is her mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

side note why is the case form silence in the library in arrow???

Oliver stop telling every fucking person who you are jeez